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So, it's been way too long since I did a proper update here.

However, I am wearing the t-shirt today. Did you see it?

Untill I can sit down and do a full update from our trip to the mountains, here is a photo of Hannah having fun on the beach from July.

On the Beach

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It is very common for us to see deer in the open area outside of our fence in the back yard. I have never, however, seen one decide to curl up and take a break like this.

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While taking photos of my daughter in the back yard of my in-laws house in Pinehurst, NC this little hummingbird flew by for a snack.

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This past weekend Mrs. MattDoc participated in the Color Vibe 5k race. Naturally I had my camera with me. Here, participants are blasted with a color cannon right as they start the race.

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I  may be late to the game here, but I only just discovered the Auto Awesome features of Google + Photos (this is mainly because I've been trying to still use Picasa albums instead of +). Some cool features though, including the one that will create an animated gif of photos that it detects are part of a series. It does an ok job, but sometimes misses some. I would rather this just be a feature where I could feed it 5+ photos and have it make the animation for me. Here's one that I made last night.


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We recently purchased a new bubble machine and noticed that there was some paperwork in the box for a photo contest. So...we entered this photo.
Please do me a favor and go vote for it every day. You don't have to register or provide any info at all. It's just one click. Vote here.



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Three Pelicans

We just spent a week in the Outer Banks (Corolla, NC, to be exact) and there were plenty of pelicans flying around. It was fun to watch them dive out in the ocean, but that was a little too far away to capture with my camera.

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Jeff Skinner of the Carolina Hurricanes was just announce as the Triangle’s Sports Person of the Year by the Greater Raleigh Sports Council. This is great news and well-deserved. Here's a photo I took of Skinner at the 2011 NHL All-Star Game in Raleigh, NC.

2011 NHL All Star Game

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I spotted this one while taking a walk around the office complex. She sets up camp in this same spot every day.

This is an Argiope aurantia or Black & Yellow Garden Spider.

They are pretty fascinating. I recommend clicking through and reading about them. The craziest part..."After mating, the male dies, and is sometimes then eaten by the female." Ouch.



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