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I didn't get to do as many time lapses as I would have liked at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida on August 12-15, but here is one more.

These are the crowds moving around in front of the main Celebration (exhibitor) Hall.

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Here it is, my time lapse video of the 501st Legion group photo at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando Florida. I took about 1200 photos total to create this.

Here's the direct link as well:

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Here is a quick-and-dirty timelapse I did at softball practice last night. I really just did this to get used to the process of setting up the camera equipment as well as how to work with the software to put it all together.

I had my old EOS 20D attached to the fence in the dugout with a gorillapod. I was using a rented Tokina 10-17mm lens. You can see some of the fence, but that was hard to avoid in order to keep the gear safe behind it.

More to come in the coming weeks!




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