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This may seem like an obvious one but there will definitely be people who don't get to take the photos they want because either their only battery died or their only memory card was full. You don't want to have to even think about or worry about whether you'll have enough power or memory each day.

Memory cards are relatively inexpensive these days. Find a good deal and pick up a couple of extras. If you fill one, then you can just easily swap it out for an empty one.  Also, while we never want it to happen, memory cards can sometimes fail  or (gasp!) get lost. If all of your photos from the event are on one card...well, you get the idea.

Batteries, especially proprietary ones, can sometimes be expensive. It's still a good idea to try to have a backup one though. A site that I have bought a few from in the past is They are "knock-off" batteries, but they work very well. If you're camera takes AA or AAA batteries, you then have no excuse for running out of power. Keep extras in your bag and you'll be all set.

Lastly, don't forget the charger! An extra battery or two won't matter if you can't charge them up in your room each night.

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