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Not everyone has a laptop that they can take with them, but if you do, back up your photos to your laptop every night. Not saying you have to wipe the card clean afterwards (unless you are out of space) but you should always back it up. But, make sure you are starting with empty and formatted memory cards. No point in having a card that is half full of photos from Christmas on there when you get to the show.

I'm paranoid about backups, so I also carry a mini hard drive so that I have two backups (one on the laptop and one on the external drive). If you are feeling super-paranoid, and your hotel has good internet service, you can also then upload everything to the online album service of your choice.

I actually try to avoid cleaning off my memory cards until I either get home from the even and have copied the files to my main photo storage drives or I start to run out of space for more photos (whichever comes first). But if I have already backed up the photos from the cards each day, then it's no big deal if I have to clean off a card. Can't do that if the memory card is the only place where the photos exist!

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