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So, we're right in the middle of Autumn here in Melbourne (no one calls it Fall) and things have definitely cooled down compared to summer. That's not to say that the winter here was horribly hot though.

Here's the odd thing...we arrived in Australia in mid-August last year. It was the tail-end of Winter at that point.

Sure, the days were somewhat cold, nights moreso, and we had just come from a VERY hot and humid North Carolina summer, yet nothing seemed out of place.

Even as things started getting warmer here as we moved into November and then December, things still seemed normal.

Sure, wearing a t-shirt and shorts on Christmas was different, but instead of not feeling like Christmas it was just Christmas, but with really nice weather.

Back to the present...we just came off a cold and rainy weekend. It was one of those weekends where you don't want to leave the house and just drink hot chocolate (which is not too far from what we actually did). And then it dawned on us...because things are getting colder, we mentally feel like we are getting closer to Christmas. It doesn't feel like June and July are just right around the corner.

It really messes with the past 30+ years of what my body and brain are used to.

I've done a warm January before, but never a cold July.

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