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I think I have finally hit my limit on registering for things online.

Over the years, we have all filled out countless forms online when we buy things, subscribe to newsletters (or blogs), create a new email address, sold something on eBay or Craigslist, played an online game (i.e. March Madness brackets), checked our bank account, paid a bill, looked up movie listings...the list goes on.

Well, today I decided that I'm really tired of doing that. There was a simple blog on a news site about the Hurricanes that I wanted post a comment for. After typing my comment and providing my name and email address (no big deal..I can handle that much), I was taken to a massive registration page.

They wanted everything... username, email address, password...CONFIRM the password, password reminder question, password reminder answer, first name, last name, zip code, gender, phone number, favorite color, hat size, allergies, phobias, childhood nicknames, and on, and on. (Ok, I made up some of those, but you get the point.)

Upon seeing that page, I thought to myself..."Eh...nevermind."

It made me realize two things:

1) The couple little comments I had to make were not worth taking the extra time to do all of that registration (I know, I know...yet I turn around and type all of this).

2) I really didn't want the responsibility of yet another login, username, or password to keep track of. I have enough already. I don't want anymore.

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