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As most of you know, I lived in Australia for about three years from 2007 to 2010. During that time we quickly learned that pizza in Australia is not very good. The focus is on the toppings. Pile as many toppings on as you can while ignoring the quality of the crust or sauce.


We ordered from Pizza Hut a few times and it was ok. I still get their spam emails and lately, they've been scaring me.


A few months ago, they announced this frightening beast:




That's right...they stuffed the crust with hot dogs. This one actually surprised me a bit because hot dogs aren't actually a big thing in Australia. They lean more towards actual sausages instead.


I checked with my Aussie friends and they all agreed that this was a bit much. None of them had any plans to try this freak of nature.


Well, the creative minds at Pizza Hut in Australia just took it to the next level. Their latest promotion is for this:




Cheeseburgers. In. The crust. Why? How? Who on earth would ever want this? I keep hearing the line from Jeff Goldblum's character in Jurassic Park in my head: "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should."


This is clearly a case of something that shoudln't have been created. There are some other blogs out there breaking down the pretty obvious nutritional hazzards of this mutation. No need to go into that here.


The part about these two horrifying "pizzas" that cracks me up the most is the fact that Aussies think of Americans as overweight, gluttonous slobs. They claim that we are all fat and that our portions are too big.


At least we didn't unleash this frankenfood on the world, though I fear that it may invade the US by this summer.


We just keep getting closer and closer to Taco Town.

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The iPhone OS4 was released this week and the new iPhone 4 isn't far behind. With this update you can finally have a photo as the wallpaper behind your home screens!

To celebrate this, I've taken a few of my favorite photos from my travels around the world and sized them to fit your iphone screen. Help yourself, but make sure you ONLY use them for your iPhone (or similar device). Don't go using them for other stuff without first contacting me. Enjoy!

There are a few samples below, but you can grab them all from Flickr, here:

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Yellow-tailed black cockatoo

we heard a bird sound that we had never heard around the house so we looked out side. Across the street, we saw 4-5 Yellow-tailed black cockatoos in the neighbor's tree and on their TV antenna. We usually don't see these in our neighborhood so this was a nice surprise.

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Mali in Melbourne

We visited the Melbourne Zoo on Easter morning to catch a glimpse of Mali the baby elephant.

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Sketching Flinders

An artist works on his drawing of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne.

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The view back to the Melbourne Cricket Ground while waiting for the train at Richmond station after the Twenty20 cricket match between Australia and Pakistan. I left the match a little early. 10 minutes after this photo was taken, the game was over and the train station was crowded with people.

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Tiny Tram

A tram near Flinders Street Station and Federation Square in Melbourne. Yes, I'm on a tilt-shift kick right now.

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Twelve Apostles

It's been a while since I shared a Great Ocean Road photo (not video), even though I was there again back in December. Here's a new one of one of my favorite places...the Twelve Apostles.

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The crowds look on at the Australia vs Pakistan Twenty20 cricket match on Feb. 5, 2010 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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Spotted this little guy crawling down the wall near our front door.



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