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As part of the festivities for Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando last week, fans could also buy tickets to the Last Tour to Endor event at Disney's Hollywood Studios. That party was to celebrate the closing (and redesigning) of the Star Tours ride that has been around for 20 or so years.

Part of this celebration, as you'd expect, included fireworks. While I wasn't too impressed with the fireworks (and the Star Wars music and clips they chose to accompany it) at the time, I did at least get a few photos I was happy with.

Last Tour to Endor Fireworks by MattDoc

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The iPhone OS4 was released this week and the new iPhone 4 isn't far behind. With this update you can finally have a photo as the wallpaper behind your home screens!

To celebrate this, I've taken a few of my favorite photos from my travels around the world and sized them to fit your iphone screen. Help yourself, but make sure you ONLY use them for your iPhone (or similar device). Don't go using them for other stuff without first contacting me. Enjoy!

There are a few samples below, but you can grab them all from Flickr, here:

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July 4th Fireworks from Ocean City, NJ

Fireworks from Ocean City, NJ from 2007. Happy Independence Day everyone! I'm afraid that 2007 is the most recent I can do here as I've been in Australia for every 4th since then.




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