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A section of my Star Wars themed Christmas tree in my office.

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Have a look:


We were checking out the Sunday market in St. Kilda and I took a photo of a girl in a very interestingly colorful skirt. Only when looking at the photo on the computer did I notice her boyfriend's unfortunate hat.


I just had to share it with the team at

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I have 2 photos currently up on the JetStar photo contest. Please vote for them! and


Thanks for your votes!

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fans dressed as members of Cobra (from G.I. Joe) back at Star Wars Celebration III in April 2005

Ok, so this isn't really a photographic photograph. It's actually a quick snapshot I took of some fans dressed as members of Cobra (from G.I. Joe) back at Star Wars Celebration III in April 2005. Since I was unable to attend Comic-Con in San Diego this year (but have been following the news online obsessively) I figured I'd share something from my only convention experience. From the looks of it Cobra has kidnapped Porkins!

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It's kinda new to me, but I've been enjoying it so far. Follow me!

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The team here at work decided to all take part in the annual Movember charity event. I won't explain all of the details of how it works, but the idea is to grow some interesting facial hair for the month of November in support of various men's health charities.

For me (on the right, for those who don't actually know what I look like) it was actually a trimming back from the goatee.

Feel free to donate here.

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Hey everyone,


Sorry for the lack of new photos this weekend. Things are crazy as we get ready for our vacation this week. Hopefully I'll have time (and an internet connection) while we are away so I can share some of our fun!



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I think I have finally hit my limit on registering for things online.

Over the years, we have all filled out countless forms online when we buy things, subscribe to newsletters (or blogs), create a new email address, sold something on eBay or Craigslist, played an online game (i.e. March Madness brackets), checked our bank account, paid a bill, looked up movie listings...the list goes on.

Well, today I decided that I'm really tired of doing that. There was a simple blog on a news site about the Hurricanes that I wanted post a comment for. After typing my comment and providing my name and email address (no big deal..I can handle that much), I was taken to a massive registration page.

They wanted everything... username, email address, password...CONFIRM the password, password reminder question, password reminder answer, first name, last name, zip code, gender, phone number, favorite color, hat size, allergies, phobias, childhood nicknames, and on, and on. (Ok, I made up some of those, but you get the point.)

Upon seeing that page, I thought to myself..."Eh...nevermind."

It made me realize two things:

1) The couple little comments I had to make were not worth taking the extra time to do all of that registration (I know, I know...yet I turn around and type all of this).

2) I really didn't want the responsibility of yet another login, username, or password to keep track of. I have enough already. I don't want anymore.

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So, we're right in the middle of Autumn here in Melbourne (no one calls it Fall) and things have definitely cooled down compared to summer. That's not to say that the winter here was horribly hot though.

Here's the odd thing...we arrived in Australia in mid-August last year. It was the tail-end of Winter at that point.

Sure, the days were somewhat cold, nights moreso, and we had just come from a VERY hot and humid North Carolina summer, yet nothing seemed out of place.

Even as things started getting warmer here as we moved into November and then December, things still seemed normal.

Sure, wearing a t-shirt and shorts on Christmas was different, but instead of not feeling like Christmas it was just Christmas, but with really nice weather.

Back to the present...we just came off a cold and rainy weekend. It was one of those weekends where you don't want to leave the house and just drink hot chocolate (which is not too far from what we actually did). And then it dawned on us...because things are getting colder, we mentally feel like we are getting closer to Christmas. It doesn't feel like June and July are just right around the corner.

It really messes with the past 30+ years of what my body and brain are used to.

I've done a warm January before, but never a cold July.



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