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The iPhone OS4 was released this week and the new iPhone 4 isn't far behind. With this update you can finally have a photo as the wallpaper behind your home screens!

To celebrate this, I've taken a few of my favorite photos from my travels around the world and sized them to fit your iphone screen. Help yourself, but make sure you ONLY use them for your iPhone (or similar device). Don't go using them for other stuff without first contacting me. Enjoy!

There are a few samples below, but you can grab them all from Flickr, here:

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A path going through Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia

A path going through Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia.

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A Blue-and-yellow Macaw from the Croc (and obviously Bird) Show at the Australia Zoo in Queensland.

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The Double-eyed Fig-parrot in Daintree Forest in Queensland, Australia. This is Australia's smallest parrot.

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Another one from Daintree.

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Even if I can't do full updates all of the time, I'll try to at least pop some of my photos in here.

This is from our trip to Daintree Rainforest in Queensland over the holidays.





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